A few words about me

I was born in 1980 in Moscow. In 1997 I entered Moscow Power Engineering University, where I learned an information science. At the same time I learned English as my second speciality. Having graduated from university, I began to work as a research engineer. I occupied myself with telescope control systems. I also had some experience as a traslator and studied German and French to improve myself. Later I enterted Mocsow University of Geodesy and Cartography to acqiure a new speciality. I am currently learning optotechnics and I am eager to extend my knowledge in this domain. At my leisure hours I train myself in wood engraving in «Tatyanka» style, now making some progress. Also I take some interest in history, I like reading historical books and collecting them.

My skills

  • Windows
  • Office
  • Maple
  • Delphi

What can I do

  • I have some computer skills, can work with office and math pakets, including programming skills.
  • I have basic knowledge in geodesy, can handle some instruments.
  • I have some experience in foreign languages. I can read and speak English and have basic skills in German and French.
  • I have skills in wood engraving, can make simple woodworks.